Aluminum fishing boat found adrift Aluminum fishing boat found adrift Deep creek the invention of an empty boat adrift in gardom lake has an employee of the royal canadian legion holiday camp scratching their head. The 10 foot aluminum fishing boat was found two weeks ago by worker and so far, nobody has claimed of it missing to the rcmp. The ski bass cruise ship, manufactured by pinecraft model al 1 121 5 does not have a motor and was loaded with one oar and a fishing seat.The boat is already in storage at the camp.It is equipped with a hull number. Anyone with statistics can contact the enderby rcmp. Media reports from infotel thing ltd, 2013 Kingston, ont.Law enforcement in kingston, ont, say a worker who was trapped on a construction crane above a massive fire over an hour suffered only minor injuries.Tuesday in a condominium that is under construction.And took him to a prepared ambulance. Police say all the other construction workers at the site are regarded as accounted for. Officers are going door to door in the vicinity advising residents to evacuate as there is concern the fire could spread to nearby buildings, including a hotel and a service station. Police say a home near the burning building has ignited. City buses have been pressed into plan to shuttle residents who live within a few blocks of the blaze to an evacuation centre. Police said they be advising residents whenever they can re enter the evacuation zone for pets or other items. A public school a few blocks away was also removed. Utilities have been shut down in the market to make it safe for those battling the fire. Crane provider saved from fire Thomas Sabo: in kingston, ont.Cbc Chopper rescues crane driver trapped in massive kingston, ont.Blaze ctv:Video footage Kamloops you can volunteer this holidays, and at this time there not much to it. Only half the seniors and people with limited mobility who need their driveways shovelled in kamloops have been matched up with snow angels and this program is in need of volunteers.There not much snow among the bushes right now, so it more of a waiting game but it still winter and it bound to happen again surface. "This year we up to almost 300 seniors looking our service, said harjeet dhaliwal of oncore central support. The snow angels program utilizes network based volunteers by pairing them with seniors or residents with limited mobility in need of snow removal services for their pathways, stairways, paths and driveways.About 150 of those in need in order to assigned volunteers this winter, and spots like aberdeen, north kamloops and barnhartvale are most in need of funds. "We doing our best to get all the seniors harmonized the best we can, dhaliwal described. It the third year the product has run in kamloops by oncore central services, the area of kamloops, offer kamloops and tru.Dhaliwal said it not a lack in volunteers but a growth used.Last year 170 seniors opted, up still your first year.District groups like the krcc, westsyde secondary school and servicemaster restoration have gotten involved including the city of kamloops and other Cheap Pandora Bracelets community members. "They showing the spirit and helping, dhaliwal proclaimed. Information regarding or to volunteer or sign up for the snow angels program contact dhaliwal at 250 828 0600 ext. Kamloops a teen girl ran away and called police after she seen a man allegedly baring his genitals during her morning walk to school. The girl was walking in an alleyway in the community of desmond street and gelrich avenue when she noticed the man ahead of her.She told police force that as she got closer, she saw he was revealing himself.Kamloops rcmp are hunting for the man.The girl reported she ran appropriate away from the area and the man did not speak to Pandora Jewelry her. The suspect is called caucasian, with reference to 6 tall, very thin acquiring full beard.He was placing on a black toque, dunkle hoodie, blue coat and black boots.