Anyone a scalene block I was just wondering how many people have had a scalene block specially testing for scalene nerve/vascular compression?If you feel led, where did it is done and what technique was used? The reason i'm wondering about for the reason that my local pain medicine anesthesiologist thinks that a scalene block means numbing the entire arm as though for shoulder surgery.I want to find someone that performs the former, either in mn or elsewhere, as i am certain others would, way far very.Are only the top tos docs doing jordans shoes 2014 many blocks, 08 27 2007, 12:30 here's I had to go to co to have dr sanders provide this.This can be a dx test, not remedy.I had it because i wanted to be sure before going fwd with surgery.I have to say though otherwise 100% convincing.My pain was reduced and my rom improved but it only lasts 10 15 mins.I wish that dr sanders had a jungle gym some thing in his office to let me try something i hadn't been able to do for so long.I think that can have felt more convincing.Sitting there or being able to turn my head further and have less pain was nothing compared to the visual i observed with the venogram.Advise something to see your pinched nerves and vessels so clear on a tv screen. 08 27 2007, 07:04 pm hours Air Jordan 14 I was told that the venogram is contributory to the ultrasound you've had.The surgeon had already determined the need for surgery w/the ultrasound but he wanted it to see the health of my compressed vein.I didn't get to look at the ultrasound pix yet but it could be very convincing.I recall that you had very hundreds of thousands on your ultrasound so you may not need a venogram.Is it to coerce you?Dr sanders guideline for the scalene block was that it would be indication of how i would likely feel after successful surgery recovery. At any rate i felt it was good for me to have a 2nd opinion so i'd feel safe going fwd with surgery.Having a dr like sanders review my tests records, deliver an exam, the scalene deter, test me for pec minor malady, and evaluate my tos was definitely worth the trip. All right, i hope that by additional tests and/or a second opinion, i can ultimately make a choice either way regarding having the surgery.I had a phone discussion with dr.Sanders in colorado and it most likely scheduling and in person assessment with him for the end of september.I tried emailing the vascular institute earlier last week, nonetheless they haven't called me back.I know they might require a doctor's referral for an out of state consultation, and i have my gp in red wings Air Jordan 1 waiting to give that referral.Or at best i hope she's waiting in the wings, as she seems to be a type of doctors that believes tos is so rare that it can't possibly be my real diagnoses.I'm hoping that she would like additional proof, in addition. Further, i looked out my ultrasound results and seen the high numbers you jordans: had mentioned.I have peak systolic velocities for both arteries and veins in both of your arms, though i am not sure i posted them all in that other link.Probably should check that first before penning this, but naturally, i'm really seeking to hearing what your results are for the ultrasound once you get them back.My left face, even so, stayed in the fewer digits with 71 in my lap, in this case 24, 27, 39, and 0 at 180 college degree programs.In reality, we have no guide for what's normal, so it's tough to say.I did find one paper about the that showed normal velocity for arteries as being between 60 and 100 cm/sec, but i'm not sure how that would translate to venous return. :Stuck: Anyhow, i'm just hoping that a scalene block might give me a hint as to if my scalenes are the actual issue or not.Truly, only 15 time of relief, commonly very brief!Did sanders also do an emg throughout the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve?I heard he is doing that as well.I'll be asking his secretary over it when i speak with her on friday to set up the appointment.