Game sell at a discount of thrones q nikolaj coster He began his journey as the smarmy kingslayer who pushed young bran stark out of a window for accidentally seeing something he shouldn't have, and later, ruthlessly killed his own kin(Alton lannister)To try and escape stark custody.But then, along came gwendoline christie's brienne of tarth, and things began to change.Watching jaime develop this season(And hopefully, those award show voting bodies have been watching too)Has been fascinating.Photos:'Game Of Thrones' Who Is Who?The photo guidefor the first time, viewers saw nikolaj's character do something heroic for someone he wasn't related to, and it happened more than once.He saved brienne this female knight who confused, challenged and intrigued him from a brutal assault, and later, from a fight with a bear in a pit.Watch it now:'Game Of Thrones' Name Game The Lannister Boys(Peter dinklage nikolaj)Vs.Daenerys targaryen(Emilia clarke)The danish actor took a Juniors Prom Dresses break from filming"The other woman" (With cameron diaz and leslie mann)To chat with access about some of the big moments his character went through this season, and hint at this sunday's season 3 finale.But first, even though he wasn't there, we addressed the red wedding.